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Rohos replaces typical Windows login screen and allows to access your system via USB flash drive;
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18 May 2005

Editor's review

Rohos Welcome 1.1 is a dynamic Login Screen that could replace your default Windows 2000/XPLogin dialog box. The password that you set for logging into your PC can be easily hacked, and thus the safety of your data and computer may get compromised. But the application offers a competent protection measure, by allowing you to use a hardware key as a replacement of Windows password. It supports storing the username and password info on USB drive for using it to access your Windows. Further, it also consists of configurations that support locking your workstation by removing the USB drive. Using the application you would not require remembering the login and password details, as they get safely stored with the flash drive. Moreover, the application by replacing the default security panel, helps preventing unwanted access to network users to your PC data.

Rohos Welcome 1.1 is rather easy to use and its interface comprises of small window with uncomplicated features. At the top of the program window is displayed the info relating to Admin’s USB key configurations. With the first option, Setup USB Key, you can configure a USB device as Windows accessing key. Connecting to the USB device, enter Windows password and click ‘Setup USB Key’. Also a ‘Setup Emergency Logon’ can be set by entering few questions and answers, and you can easily disable/enable key as desired. If you want to set a new password for Windows, then the ‘Change Password’ option is provided to you. With this option, enter the current and then new password, confirm the new one, and type the password tip if you wish to. You can even restrict the usage time for specific users through ‘Setup users’ feature. Using ‘Options’ you can select Windows logon model, USB key device type, and the action to be performed when you remove the USB key, from the option’s dropdown menu. Further, you can customize the images and text of the Logon screen. Finally apply the settings and enjoy working with effective protection applied to your Windows.

The Rohos Welcome 1.1 offers users the flexibility to configure various attributes relating the protection applied to Windows with the help of a hardware key device. Its remarkable assistance, adept functionality, and credible set of features, makes the application rated with 4 points.

Publisher's description

Rohos installs a new featured Login Screen (welcome-screen).
It's easy-to-use, reliable, user-friendly and smarter than the typical Windows 2000 Login dialog box or Windows XP Welcome Screen.
With Rohos you can replace you Windows password with a hardware Key. Rohos allows you to store your user name and password information on the USB flash drive and then use it as a hardware key to access your Windows. Rohos can be configured to lock the workstation upon removal of the USB drive.
No need to remember logins and passwords: all of them are securely stored on the USB flash drive.
Rohos replaces Windows security panel (open by Ctrl+Alt+Del) that allows you to easily stop unwanted access to your PC from a network. You can use it to quickly review your shared folders, active connections over a local network and free space on hard drives and removable media;
Rohos take notice of when you start and finish working. It also takes into account all the pauses which you have been made while working (locks and screensaver). Thus, you can find out how much time you have actually spent for working during the day or week.
New system shutdown dialog box installed by Rohos is user-friendly and useful too. You will see your real working hours for today and your account picture at this window.
If there are two or three persons using the same computer, each of you can have its USB flash drive to access that computer. Single USB flash drive can be configured to login into several Workstations.
This is convenient for home users and small offices. Rohos support Domains, Active Directory and remote desktop connection;
Rohos Center window gives you three links to configure Login Screen, User accounts and USB flash drive options. Also you can follow "5 tips" link to determine the best usage ways for Rohos Welcome.
Rohos Welcome
Rohos Welcome
Version 1.1
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